ARIE Foundation Helps VA Patients

Call 401-884-1330


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The Arie foundation's
student run organization
at NYU School of Medicine
dedicated to helping
hospitalized children.

The Arie foundation is a non profit organization
which relies on tax-deductible donations
from people interested in making a difference.

The Arie Foundation hosted
it's second annual Mend-a-Heart
party at NYU medical center.

It was another huge success
with over 200 kids attending
the Mend-a-Heart party.



Donors may deduct the fair market value of their gift as a charitable contribution on their income tax return. For tax purposes, fair market value is defined as “the price a collector would pay if buying the material for his or her own collection”—not the price a dealer might offer if buying the material for resale.

Donors must consult their own tax advisor for the specific rules for charitable contributions.

Please note when Donating Stamps:

We welcome all stamps on or off paper as long as the stamp is not damaged.

If possible, stamps on paper should have no more than 5mm of single thickness border around them.

Less than this is acceptable but please do not trim them so close that the perforations are damaged.

Please avoid double thickness paper
(e.g. front and back faces of the envelope).
Damaged stamps are worthless.
Soaking stamps off their backing
can obviously save on your postage costs.
Please do not mix off-paper stamps
 with those still on their backing.


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Veteran's Stamp and Coin Club
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